In Praeterito Futurum

In Praeterito Futurum, which means In the past, The future translated from Latin, was my graduation project which I still look back at as a big step in my growth in 3D art.
The project started out of my love for history and sci-fi so I wanted to combine the two with a good balance. During my process I had to go through multiple iterations, scale back, change things in order to create what I had envisioned within the time frame that was given.

Phase 01
I started out with a big idea of creating a big environment full with excitement and not thinking it through too much. I started with a quick blockout first and testing it with people what they thought about it. Through this process I continued and added some details. And with the time that took me at the time was way too long for what I wanted. Another problem was that everything felt way to square and not that interesting plus the details that I had on my initial arches where way too strong and made the sci-fi elements too prominent. So back I had to review my options and decided to go back to the drawing board.

Phase 02

After learning what I had learned from phase 1 I decided to create the environment from scratch and only keep the pillar design that I had since that was the only object that had the right balance between the sci-fi and the roman style I was going for.
I used that pillar as a baseline to create the courtyard. This time I added more corners and rounded shapes to break it up and have a more interesting environment to look at. I kept working further on it, while testing and getting feedback from people in my dedicated discord server. This slowly turned into a result, but once I had done the lighting the scene was way too red. It was not what I wanted to portrait and I decided to make it more dark and grim which let the sci-fi elements shine a bit more as well.


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