Riyah and the Corrupted Zodiac

Riyah and the Corrupted Zodiac started with a concept and a lot of inspiration from Ori and the Blind Forest (Hence why the names have a similar ring to it.) We wanted to create a beatiful 2.5D platformer with an engaging story. 


The story is that the world of the zodiac animals is corrupted except for our main hero Riyah. This young tiger is ment to cleanse the other animals from their corruption. The level that we show here is made for the Rat. 

Project Acronis

Within this project I was responsible for all the programming and environment art. I also helped with some of the character models. (Basically all-round). Besides doing what I always do I really wanted to learn some new things from this project. So I took on learning how to make shaders. Within this game there are multiple custom made shaders (like the water and some of the glowing flowers etc.)


A couple of weeks after one of the teammembers wanted to continue a little bit more on this project and did a complete overhaul on our level by reusing our own assets, using some new assets I delivered on her request and assets from Unity's own store. This made the game even more complete and we are all so excited that we hope to be able to create this game to the full extend some day!


About Sander

I am Sander, A graduated interaction design student and am now close to graduating on Game Art too. My main goal is to become a great 3D environment artist in the game industry. So in this portfolio you will see a big focus on that.